Saturday, April 7, 2007

Reflections on the Lower Ninth Ward

Family and Friends--

Report from the Lower Ninth Ward, New Orleans, La.
March, 31 2007

I am not a New Orleans expert.
I’ve only been here 24 days.

Sometimes I wonder what Iraq looks like. But after today, I know what a war zone is. There weren’t many bullets flying in the lower 9th ward in and after the storm, but certainly, Hurricane Katrina destructed the City and lower 9th ward like bullets, mortar, and bombs have done in Iraq.

Houses have no windows. Houses have no doors. Houses have no roofs. Concrete foundations sit isolated and open, almost waiting for a DJ so they too can serve a purpose again. Only this time, these foundations can only become makeshift dance floors.

But there isn’t much celebrating going on in this neighborhood. Really, there isn’t much of anything going on.

On one block, David Williams and two other neighbors are the only ones who have returned. Williams, the father of four, says it’s odd sometimes being all alone in the lower 9th ward.


Because it’s the home of Fats Domino. The lower 9th ward’s narrow streets and family homes used to host barbeques, parties and concerts.
Now they host piles of rubble, broken glass and downed power lines.

It’s been 19 months since Katrina came. And I’m no New Orleans expert.
But it doesn’t take a specialist to see something is wrong here.

New Orleans' leadership unveiled a plan on Thursday to rebuild the 9th and other areas. On paper it looks good. I hope it is.

I invite you to forward the message to all who you think may view over 150 more pictures from only about 4-5 blocks of the Lower 9th ward on

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